Trust Property Management are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to both landlords and tenants.

We recently surveyed our current clients and tenants to get some feedback, let’s see what some of them had to say.


1. We effectively manage the tenant relationship to give landlords peace of mind.
“You manage the tenant relationship and securing tenants very well”

2. Our online portal lets clients keep up to date on everything involved with their tenancy on their own terms.
“It’s great to have a central place to access details, reports, invoices”

3. Prompt and effective communication to make life easier for landlords.
“Really appreciate the prompt replies to my messages/emails”

4. We have trade experience that saves our clients money and helps to keep their assets maintained.
“We love your ability to address a lot of issues yourself without getting in external sub-contractors”

5. We know our stuff and can keep our landlords up to date on changing legislation to keep them out of trouble.
“Impressed with your awareness of changing legislation and requirements”


When so much of our job is getting in the middle of owner/tenant relations, when tough conversations are often needed, and when sometimes the answer is “no”, it’s no surprise that tenants don’t often have much good to say about their property manager. That’s not the case with the team at Trust Property Management – tenants love our service too. We’ve had tenants recommend us to landlords, and we’ve had tenants become clients. Here’s what some of our tenants had to say.

1. Being friendly, approachable and there for our tenants when they need us is key.
“I think Trust is awesome to deal with, they’re very friendly, reliable and always available when needed”

2. Our online portal also helps tenants to easily lodge maintenance in a hassle free way.
“Best property management company I have been with so far. Easy to contact and the online portal is such a simple tool to lodge faults or repairs”

3. Tenants love having their issues sorted quickly so they can get back to enjoying their home.
“Honestly, I’ve had really bad experiences in the past with property managers but my time at this property has been great as most issues are sorted quickly”

4. Treating your tenants with respect means that property inspections don’t need to be a hassle for them, which helps everyone.
“Overall positive. Flat inspections are done well and the process in the lead up and messages once they are completed are really helpful”

5. Good communication is also key to helping tenants feel like they are being well looked after by their property manager.
“Easy to communicate with, when something isn’t right they do what they can to solve it”

6. And one more… because how good is that!
“Best property managers in Wellington!”