We believe property management is all about relationship management. We work hard to build trusted relationships with our owners, and rapport with their tenants. We are rigorous in our tenant selection, because it all starts from this decision. We then work hard to establish fair and honest relationships with tenants, which count for something when we need access in a hurry, or patience when things are outside our control (like the weather!). Likewise we maintain regular, open and honest communication with our clients, and respond to their unique needs in each situation.


It counts. Jared Buck has been on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 10 years. In this time he and the team have managed over 6,000 tenants in over 1,800 tenancies.  There’s not a lot of scenarios that Trust Property Management haven’t seen. We have the experience to handle tenancy and property issues. We understand the Residential Tenancies Act, legislative changes and we know how to work through any situation for the best result.

The extra mile

It’s a rainy and cold Sunday night.  A tenant calls, there’s water pooling in their property.  It’s been filling up over the last couple of days, and not draining. What happens next? Most of Wellington’s residential property management companies will call-out a plumber.  Not Trust. Our Property Manager attended that night to assess the situation and contacted a plumber. They advised based on the information provided that they wouldn’t be able to do anything except contain the problem – our property manager had already done that. The plumber completed the repair on Monday morning.

After hours call out cost to landlord = $0, satisfaction of tenant = high, damage to property = nil.  Boom.

That’s all you will pay

We offer fixed price property management services.  You won’t pay any extras for our services. You won’t pay any margin on 3rd party invoices. If your investment property rents for around $450 per week we will be best value. Too easy.

We are homeowners too

Our property managers are also home owners.  We understand the value of your asset and we work hard to protect it.  We won’t spend your money unnecessarily, and we won’t take so long to action maintenance that issues will get worse.

And finally…. Because we’re a handy bunch

Our team can back a trailer, operate a water blaster and install smoke alarms.  So you don’t have to.

There you have it.  Six reasons why Trust Property Management has grown consistently since its inception in 2007. We now have over 275 tenancies under management.  We manage an investment portfolio worth over $110M. If you are considering renting out your investment property call Jared (027 274 6643) or Mitchell (027 274 6642) today for your free rental appraisal.  The only decision left will be which coffee we can buy you.