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Present yourself!

First impressions do count and only take 7 seconds to make. It sounds old fashioned but there are two easy things you can do to make a good first impression – dress to impress and be on time!  We mean on time – not 3 minutes late, try 5 minutes early. It could be the best 5 minutes you ever invest. You don’t need to wear a suit, but tidy dress always makes a good first impression.

Think twice about pets

We love our furry friends as much as the next person, however from experience we have waited to have pets until they can be residents in homes we own.  If you are going to rent with a pet in the mix you need to be realistic. This will make house hunting a more difficult process, you are unlikely to be “top of the pile” when it comes to tenancy applications.  Here at Trust Property Management we have very few properties that are pet friendly and you can see why homeowners would rather avoid the risk when there may be an equally suitable tenant without a pet. In New Zealand we aren’t able to charge a “pet bond” so the legislation doesn’t help us to help you here.

Have your references ready

Speaking of references, Wellington is a small place! Make sure that your references are lined up and ready to take our call.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to them when we call.

It’s important to have someone to vouch for you – and we don’t mean Mum. If you’ve just moved out of home an employer reference is a great start.

Stick to the agreement

Landlords and property managers don’t like people who want to break fixed term leases, ignore the conditions of the tenancy or break the law. Breaking a fixed term lease will be costly for you, time consuming for everyone and should be avoided as much as possible.  Make sure your fellow tenants understand the obligations you are entering into. If you agree to one thing but do another, you’ll just make it harder for yourself to find another property. The official word about different types of tenancies is available here – it’s worth educating yourself.

Be honest!

Often there are many people competing for a tenancy – we’ll reject any application that seems dishonest or suspicious. We also complete a high level of referencing – it’s our job after all – and we will find out what you might forget to tell us. Credit, background, reference checks will show what you don’t want to divulge. Be up front with us and we’ll give you the same treatment back.  The more thorough and detailed you are in your application, the better impresion you will give us, about the kind of tenant you will be.

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