Blog: 3 signs you need a new property manager – urgently

3 signs you need a new property manager – urgently! 1. You didn’t know your tenants are sub-letting for Airbnb! This might sound unbelievable, but this stuff happens! Tenants sometimes bend the rules and sometimes just ignore them. A good tenancy agreement will ensure that sub-letting your digs is not allowed. A good tenancy agreement will go that step further and help to protect your rights as a landlord. A good property manager will make sure that tenants play by the rules – all the rules. If property inspections are not happening regularly, how will you know whether tenants are

Trust Property Management – Wellington: Benefits and Risks of AirBnb

Benefits and Risks of AirBnb Property investors are catching on to the AirBnb phenomena as an attractive alternative option for renting out their properties. The online accommodation website is growing in popularity and in larger centers it is affecting rental property stocks, as property investors turn their homes over to Airbnb management groups to make better returns. What is AirBnb? AirBnb is a web-based accommodation service that allows online bookings for short terms stays in a fully furnished property. Tenants can elect to stay anywhere from one night to a few weeks. Some AirBnbs are a spare room in a

5 + 5 reasons why everyone loves Trust Property Management Wellington

5 + 5 Reasons why everyone loves us (In their words)   Trust Property Management are always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to both landlords and tenants. We recently surveyed our current clients and tenants to get some feedback, let’s see what some of them had to say. Landlords 1. We effectively manage the tenant relationship to give landlords peace of mind. “You manage the tenant relationship and securing tenants very well” 2. Our online portal lets clients keep up to date on everything involved with their tenancy on their own terms. “It’s great to have

5 +1 Reasons to use Trust Property Management Wellington

5 +1 REASONS TO USE TRUST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Welcome to the ”Trust Top 5” where you will find our top tips and industry secrets.  For free! You’re welcome Relationships We believe property management is all about relationship management. We work hard to build trusted relationships with our owners, and rapport with their tenants. We are rigorous in our tenant selection, because it all starts from this decision. We then work hard to establish fair and honest relationships with tenants, which count for something when we need access in a hurry, or patience when things are outside our control (like the

Trust Property Management – Wellington: Top 5 tips for house hunting tenants

TOP 5 TIPS FOR HOUSE HUNTING TENANTS Welcome to the ”Trust Top 5” where you will find our top tips and industry secrets.  For free! You’re welcome Present yourself! First impressions do count and only take 7 seconds to make. It sounds old fashioned but there are two easy things you can do to make a good first impression – dress to impress and be on time!  We mean on time – not 3 minutes late, try 5 minutes early. It could be the best 5 minutes you ever invest. You don’t need to wear a suit, but tidy dress

Trust Property Management – Wellington: A property manager? Why would I bother?

A PROPERTY MANAGER? WHY WOULD I BOTHER…? 7 REASONS YOU’D BE A FOOL TO IGNORE.. Property management is easy, right?  While it’s true that it’s not open-heart surgery, if you are serious about looking after your investment you will consider these 7 compelling reasons to engage a professional property manager.. 1. You can leave the country! If you plan on leaving New Zealand for longer than 21 days then by law you must appoint a local point of contact, available to your tenants at any time.  Something to think about before booking that 48-day Contiki tour of Europe. 2. Regular

Trust Property Management Wellington – Fixed Price Property Management

FIXED PRICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT WHY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO DISMISS IT Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and invested in a rental property. Maybe you took the plunge a while back, perhaps you own a few… whatever your circumstances if you have decided to engage the services of a professional property manager you need to know how much to pay them! There are two ways that property management companies charge for their services: 1. Percentage-based fees 2. Fixed-fee payments Read on if you are interested in understanding the hidden pit-falls with percentage-based payments; the most common way property owners are charged