Wanting to rent your investment property through Airbnb but don’t know where to even
start when it comes to furnishing and styling?

This trusty guide will help you answer the questions associated with what it takes to make your property really stand out from the crowd on Airbnb.

1. Why is Styling so important?

The style of your Airbnb will affect bookings, guest reviews and word of mouth marketing. If
your Airbnb is styled well the guests will do the marketing for you and lead to repeat guests.
Put simply, a well styled Airbnb will improve the returns on your investment.

2. Who’s your target market?

What type of guests will you attract? Will you attract business stays, romantic getaways or
family holidays? This will all affect how you will style and present your property. For an
Airbnb that targets mostly business travelers you will be wanting a more minimalist interior
with a good workspace and technology. For the romantic couples you may want to focus on
creating a more cosy space where they look back and have fond memories, think candles,
robes, lots of soft furnishings and fresh flowers. For families looking for some time away you
would incorporate kid friendly spaces with lots of room for games. Bunk rooms are ideal for
families. Board games, netflix and colour are all ways to make an Airbnb more fun.

3. Is location Important?

Styling to your location is also key, you wouldn’t style a country home with coastal decor or
vice versa. The same goes with an inner city loft apartment and a suburban town house.
Styling the property according to the surrounding location enhances the experience for a

4. What Style do you like?

What Interior Style are you looking for? Have you always been fond of Scandinavian,
Mid-Century Modern, Industrial or perhaps a more Traditional style? Create an Airbnb that
will appeal to guests but also tells a little about you. This is what is so attractive about Airbnb
is that it is more personable than a hotel or motel.

5. Should an Airbnb feel homely?

When styling an Airbnb we don’t want to make it look like a staged house that is on the
market, we want it to look like a home. This means adding homely touches such as plants,
books/magazines, personal taste in artwork, games, good quality linens and towels, and all
the essentials you would have in your own home.

6. What should your budget be?

Come up with a budget before jumping in and purchasing items. It is so easy to get too
excited and spend money where it is not required. If you are on a tighter budget, second
hand stores and online auction sites are great for bedside tables, drawers, coffee tables,
entertainment units and dining suites. Otherwise there are great places such as Mocka NZ
that do affordable kitset furniture. It pays to spend money where required such as beds,
sofas and electronics. These items get used the most and will affect reviews and overall
experience. We use the Sleepyhead Hotelier Range and always have great reviews on how
well our guests sleep. Buying quality of these products will also mean you will likely not need
to replace them. Practicality is also very important, it is so easy to purchase something
because it looks good but will the guests use it, is it comfortable, etc.
Remember to spend money where you need (ie, beds, sofas, electronics) and save money
where you can (ie, artwork, cushions/throws, decor, furniture that isn’t used as much).

7. Should I hire an interior designer?

This is where we come in. We understand that styling isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. We also understand that you may feel you’ve looked at enough Freedom, Mood and online designs to have an idea of what you like – we have seen this pulled off and also fail spectacularly.

We have an amazing interior stylist that is available for this exact reason.

We will come to your property and discuss with you the options you have and give you an
estimated budget of how much it will cost you to fit out your short term rental. We will also
discuss the style and look you would like to achieve and advise you of any small renovations
you may need to complete (ie. repaint, new carpet , etc.). Our stylist will then head back to
the office and start on some moodboards for you to give you a rough idea of what your
property will look like once the fit out is complete. Once you are signed up with us and are
happy for us to go ahead we will go out and source everything for you and give you a
timeframe on how long it will take to complete, normally no more than a couple of weeks.

If you feel our help is required then get in touch to discuss pricing and how it pays for itself.