No one wants to chase late rent or deal with on-going rental arrears. Here at Trust Property Management we undertake due diligence on all prospective tenants. This involves verbal reference checking with previous recent landlords, and/or employers and professional credit and background checking that is simply not available to private landlords.

Giving you peace of mind that the rent will be paid on time. Every time.

We check and reconcile rental payments on a daily basis, saving you the hassle. This means that absent rent payments are chased up promptly, minimising the risk that tenants fall too far behind in their rental obligations.

We recognise that life can have financial ups and down for tenants and we have a number of effective strategies to protect property investments for our clients and to help tenants manage their financial obligations, so that everyone wins.

If you are interested in working with Trust then Contact Us to find out about our tenancy screening process today.