It is important to you that someone who cares views your investment property on a regular basis. Look no further. We care and we have the expertise to help protect your asset.

Trust Property Management has invested in dedicated property inspection processes and tools. We will be on site at your property once every three months. We will undertake a detailed property inspection in all areas and ensure tenants are meeting the obligations in their bespoke Trust Property Management tenancy agreement. Photos will be updated, a condition report completed and any required maintenance noted.

Our clients are emailed a written property inspection report including photos. When maintenance is identified at a property inspection it is then scheduled and actioned through our team of quality tradespeople.

Should there be any issues with the way tenants are living in your property, for example excess condensation or unwelcome pets appearing, you can be assured that these issues will not go unnoticed or unmanaged when you engage Trust Property Management.

If you are interested in engaging with our services, Contact Us to discuss how our approach to regular property inspections will help protect your asset or book your free rental appraisal today.