Choosing the right applicants to become tenants in your investment property is one of the most crucial elements of being a landlord. Choose the wrong tenant and the knock-on effect can be stressful and costly. The Trust Property Management team have over 15 years’ experience in selecting and vetting tenants. Our experience has taught us the many warning signs when vetting prospective tenants – and it’s not always what you think!

We undertake rigorous tenant screening before offering applicants a property we manage. We will always meet and interview applicants for your property in person. No tenancy is offered without a face to face meeting with our team. We believe that it is often better to wait for the right tenant than panic and offer your property to a 2nd rate applicant. We have the confidence and the experience to guide you through this important process.

Our tenant screening process includes background checks and credit checks using a high-quality service called Tenant Check that is not available to private landlords. If an applicant has a concerning social media presence, a dubious rental history, a bad credit record or if they have appeared at the tenancy tribunal previously – our tenant screening process will highlight this.

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