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Welcome to Trust – We Get It.

If you’re looking for a Wellington Property Management company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place! Why would you choose us? Because we believe in giving our clients great quality service, at a fair price.

Trust is Wellington’s original fixed price property managers covering the greater Wellington Region.

The cost of providing property management services does not fluctuate depending on the value of your rental. Put simply, it doesn’t cost us more to provide quality property management services to a high end property, which is what a percentage charging model suggests. We believe this isn’t necessary and our pricing model reflects the costs of our business, not the value or rental income of your Wellington investment property.

By engaging with Trust Property Management you can increase your rental returns without any stress or hassle.


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Jared Buck

Jared Buck


Hi, I’m Jared.

Having managed over 1000+ tenancies in my time as a property manager and understand how to get the best from well-managed properties.

At our initial rental appraisal meeting, we will cover how to get your property ready for market, how to advertise your property to the required demographic and the key factors to ensure minimal vacancy and market-leading rents.

Our fixed management fee covers:

Rent Collection and Arrears Management

Unsure if the rent is up to date? Still working off manual rent recording? Rent arrears affecting your personal life?

We operate a dedicated Trust account that records all payments daily. Rent arrears management occurs every day of the working week with specific and carefully tailored processes to correct any blips on the record.

Tenant Screening

You simply won’t be able to access the databases we have at our disposal to ensure that the best care and systems take care of checking your property has the best-matched tenant.

A thorough background, credit, and reference check is completed on prospective tenancies and our online application process ensures that we make it a smooth process. 

Routine Inspections

It’s important to monitor and record the condition of your investment regularly. Routine Inspections are a great opportunity to check in with tenants, ensure your property isn’t suffering any maintenance issues, and review your portfolio plans.

Trust completes routine inspections every 3 months and clients receive a detail-heavy report, accessible through your online portal.

Maintenance and Improvements

Annoyed that your plumber isn’t able to priortise your job? Unsure who to contact to avoid a double call out? Want advise around planning proactive maintenance and property improvements?

With a hands-on team that understands your property, maintenance and common sense its very easy to trust in us. Our tradies are highly skilled, great at communication and understand our expectations to ensure you are well informed, updated and receive the best business processes. 

Statements and Invoices

Keeping individual receipts and ignoring calls from your accountant is a thing of the past.

Our systems track income and expenses making it easy to understand how your property is performing. Statements are easy to read and can be automatically emailed to your accountant!

Did we mention we send you an End of Financial Year summary as well?

Property Advertising

Dark Photos, no response to enquiries for viewings, complex application checks are the norm in the market. An average campaign will bring average results.

Marketing isn’t taken lightly at Trust. We offer a high-end marketing campaign that is tailored to your goals, property, and timeline. Our marketing and systems ensure that online bookings are quick, simple and at convenient times to maximise your reach and minimise vacancy.

Online Owner Portals

Welcome to the future of online portals, Trust has invested heavily in ensuring your residential portfolio is available to you on your time.

Access inspection reports, maintenance requests, owner statements, delve into expenditure and income. Trust that we have your property needs in hands to enable you to be hands-off and focus on the larger picture. 

Education & Training

Stay in the know with our industry updates through newsletter and email.

Our landlords are some of the best educated in the industry when it comes to keeping up-to-date which helps them stay ahead of any changes that will affect them and the portfolio plans. Tenants are kept informed to help us and our clients properties performing well.

Begin your journey with Trust today and see the difference for yourself.

We recognise that we alone can’t begin to reinforce your belief in us – so check out some rental client testimonials below.

Properties we Manage

New Builds

We love new builds and you should too! Many seasoned investors can tell you horror stories about older properties as they can become heavy on maintenance. New builds often are subject to reduced vacancy, lower maintenance costs, and higher yields. 

New Zealand Era Housing

We are well versed in managing properties from different era’s. Each style of housing has its pro’s and con’s with our team to understand common issues and benefits and how to manage these effectively. Proactive management really comes into effect with these types of housing.

Variety of Properties

We manage a variety of properties in the greater Wellington region.

Our common types of properties include:

Multi-complex developments, Houses, Townhouses, Apartments, Flats, Studios, Units and many more.

Advertising Strategy and Campaign

Understanding that every property and client’s needs are different we will tailor a marketing campaign that’s specific to you. 

With a variety of actionable avenues for reach and market demographics, we will ensure that we complete a campaign that highlights your property to the right market.


Professional Photos

When there are hundreds of listings online for properties to rent in Wellington, how do you stand out?

Pictures help you to rent your property, so why would you do it poorly?

We are sure you’ve seen some of the following:

  • People in mirrors,
  • Dark photos,
  • Pictures that don’t highlight a property at all!

Professional Photos highlight property features and help minimise lesser ideal characteristics. Bringing light to darker areas, rooms that feel spacious and help it stand out in the market place.

There is a reason we suggest editing and professional photos – it helps reduce vacancy and increase rental returns.

Virtual 3d Tours

Virtual Tours enable prospective tenants to prequalify if the property is right for them.

3D tours also enable out of regular hours viewings and can be reused after each tenancy. This enables us to reduce vacancy by advertising whilst properties are still tenanted.

Being able to explore a property in full detail allows tenants to be better informed and put your property at the top of the list by being able to view without waiting for owners to confirm viewing times!

Fixed Signage

Physical signage has rented properties time after time. How often have you been told about a property for sale just down the road, or an upcoming garage sale – the same goes for renting your property.

Capturing the attention of third parties assists us to get ahead of the game when it comes to finding your next home to rent. We aim to capture a wider market by ensuring as many people are in-the-know that a property will be available. This limits vacancy, time on the market and increases interest levels which push rental rates.

Online Viewing Bookings

We can’t reinforce enough how vital being prepared for viewings can be. 

Manually contacting prospective tenants to arrange viewing times is a time-poor method and puts many potential tenants off.

In an age where everything is expected to be available immediately, being able to book a viewing will ensure that your property stays front of mind and doesn’t present any barriers to those looking for a home to rent.

Pre-arranged viewings are scheduled weekly to ensure that we can secure better viewing numbers and reduce the hassle you will feel from manually arranged bookings.

Multiple Marketing Platforms

Putting your property infront of as many markets and channels helps us help you and your property.

Trademe is an essential platform for advertising your home for rent. We always Feature list your property for greater reach.

Overseas viewers often use other platforms such as and by using multiple platforms we ensure that your property not only reaches domestic tenants but international as well!

With effective tracking systems, we also put all of our available listings in front of actively searching tenants. This means that your property is viewed by more people searching for properties that match similar listings.

Online Application Forms

Gone are the days of staying at properties to submit application forms along with 10 others.

Trust recognises that applying for a rental property does require a lot of information that you may not immediately have on hand, along with it feeling like a daunting process of filling in a form at a viewing.

We aim to take the stress away from applications whilst not compromising our best vetting processes.

Being able to complete an application online and attach, take photos and provide a variety of specific information ensures we cover all the basis we can. No printing, no faxing, no pain!

Tenancy Applications allow us to cover background, credit checks and reference checks whilst recording these for your records if required by your insurer – and for your peace of mind!

Additional Marketing Portfolio

Thank you for the excellent service you been providing me and my wife. I see there is a bit of heat on the property management sector at the moment and if you’ve asked me 6 months ago I would’ve 100% been on the bandwagon. I am happy to say that you guys have changed my perception. Everything seems so seamless. Thanks mate.

Reggie Goodes


Mitchell went above and beyond his to help me out in a tough situation where he was under no obligation to do so. Really appreciated his hard work and friendly nature!



We have had the BEST experience ever with Adam McCallum. He has been above and beyond for us, and made the whole experience with Trust Property very seamless and easy. Trust Property use an online portal which allows you to log all jobs online, and you get prompt, up to date comments about the status of your job or enquiry. Adam was always quick to reply, and we never had any issues while we used their service. Would highly recommend!! Will be raving about Trust Property to my friends and family and recommending your service! Ka kite ano!

Joy Maslin


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