Trust Property Management also offer management services for AirBnb and holiday rentals, taken care of by our fulltime AirBnb Manager.

Renting through AirBnb offers a number of benefits compared to standard tenancies:

  • Property managers are usually in your property 2 – 3 times per week as opposed to every 3 months with a standard tenancy. This allows us to be reactive with any maintenance as we are not relying on tenants to let us know of issues.
  • AirBnb users rely heavily on feedback to continue to use the platform, so they tend to treat the property in high regard.
  • Daily rents are usually 2 to 2.5 times higher than on a standard tenancy. This means that during peak seasons you can maximize your investment and during quieter periods there is much less wear and tear on your investment while maintaining the same level of income, if not higher.
  • The flexibility on offer also allows you to book the property for personal use or friends and family visiting Wellington.
  •  It is a great option for properties that will only be available short term.

We provide end-to-end AirBnb management services for only 20% + GST of the booking price. Like our fixed-fee, this is an all inclusive price and there are no hidden/extra costs. This one off fee covers:

  • Advertising
  • Advice on getting property ready for AirBnb 
  • Monitoring of daily pricing
  • Cleaning
  • Restocking of all amenities
  • Managing bookings
  • Check in & check out services
  • Answering all guest queries and communication
  • No mark-up on any third party maintenance invoices
  • Monthly & end of year financial statements

If you would like further information on this exciting new offering, please do not hesitate to contact our AirBnb Manager through our contact us page.

Please feel free to check out this link for one of our current AirBnb listings.