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Trust are the market leaders for end to end management services for AirBnb and holiday rentals within the Wellington region and renting your investment property through AirBnb offers a number of benefits compared to standard tenancies. Here at Trust, we believe that having us manage your short term rental property will not only free up your time, but will allow your investment to achieve maximum returns while being cared for by qualified professionals.

We believe that communication is key for a Trusted relationship to succeed. Here at Trust we will keep you up to date constantly on how your property is performing. Property managers are usually in your property 2 – 3 times per week as opposed to every 3 months with a standard tenancy. This allows us to be reactive with any maintenance as we are not relying on tenants to let us know of issues. Monthly statements keep you in the loop with your income and occupancy levels plus the flexibility on offer also allows you to book the property for personal use or friends and family visiting Wellington.

We believe our team have the skills and know how to help you achieve the best results for your property. Our AirBnb team have qualifications and experience in not only property management, but also marketing, interior design and cleaning. We will ensure your property is presented at its absolute best for every single guest that we host as we rely heavily on feedback from our guests. We also have our very own in house team of cleaners that are happy to get their hands dirty to get your place turned over immediately after guests check out to ensure prompt turn around and maximum occupancy.

We make use of market leading systems to help us perform to the highest standards. Our AirBnb managers utilize a smart pricing system to monitor pricing and seasonal events daily to ensure your property is always achieving the best nightly rates and occupancy. Daily rents through AirBnb are usually 2 to 2.5 times higher than on a standard tenancy. This means that during peak seasons you can maximize your investment and during quieter periods there is much less wear and tear on your investment while maintaining the same level of income, if not higher.

We provide end-to-end AirBnb management services for only 20% + GST of the booking price. Like our fixed-fee, this is an all inclusive price and there are no hidden/extra costs. This one off fee covers advertising, price monitoring, cleaning & laundry, amenities, and end to end guest management from our team that is on call 24/7. We even have a qualified interior stylist that can help get your property looking top notch for your guests to help maximise returns.

Our dedicated AirBnb management team have years of experience in property management, marketing, guest management, interior design, styling and cleaning. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing your investment is in Trusted hands and save your time for enjoying the things you like best in life by getting in touch and booking your free AirBnb appraisal today.




Advice on getting property ready for Air BnB


Monitoring of daily pricing




Restocking of all amenities


Managing bookings


Check in & check out services


Monthly & end of year financial statements


No mark-up on any third party maintenance invoices


Answering all guest queries and communication/contact

If you would like further information on this exciting new offering, please do not hesitate to contact our AirBnb Manager through our contact us page.


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